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Reclaimed Floorboards

Floorboards sourced from buildings undergoing demolition or renovation - houses, schools, woolstores and factories. The boards are professionally lifted and packed in batches specific to their building of origin. There is a wide range of quality and suitability issues with reclaimed boards - not always evident on first inspection. It pays to buy from a knowledgeable and trusted supplier. Storage and handling of reclaimed timber is as important as that of new timber. Here are a few Don'ts: Don't buy boards which have been water-soaked to facilitate lifting. Don't buy boards which are stored outside. Plastic wrap and a carport roof will not protect timber from a high moisture content. Beware of mixed profiles packed and sold as a houselot.
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SIZES (mm)
PRICES (incl. GST)
Baltic, Hoop & Kauri Pine boards 100 x 22mm, 150 x 22mm, 150mm x 19mm and other sizes
Price On Application
Tasmanian Oak 63mm, 83mm, 108mm, 133mm and other sizes
Price On Application
Jarrah, Myrtle, Blackbutt, Blackwood and other species
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