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Waste Converters Require recycled boxes, pallets or compost? Drive on out and load up. Wilder Coyle Furniture & Design The Junk Map A great website to locate recycled timber, building materials and designer stuff in and out of town. Darios Design Henri is just around the corner from Urban Salvage if you need a tabletop, a bench or a sideboard made to your specifications. Victorian Woodworkers Association The Owner Builder Magazine Green Magazine Sanctuary Magazine Livos Floor Oils Whittle Waxes Bona Traffic
Sites which have species information and technical data relating to timber and timber flooring: Timber Development Association (NSW) Ltd Radial Timber Radially-sawn timber is a good way to maximise yields from logs where a 'wedge' profile of cut does not involve downstream waste - decking, cladding and outdoor structures. It is a good method of sawmilling for small diameter log - from which many mills have a poor recovery. Private Forestry Southern Queensland This is an informative website that supplies the relative values of different log grades at stumpage. Quite different to wholesale mill or chip prices for processed product. These are forestry people who have a real commitment to the sustainability of forests, landcare and the supply of forest products into the future. Wood Solutions This website provides good information on building in bushfire-prone areas as well as technical information on structural timber.

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