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Kiln-Dried Flooring

We sell kiln-dried native hardwoods sourced from State Forests of NSW. These forests of origin have been certified under the Australian Forestry Standard as having been sustainably-managed for their wood supply. The original intent of State Forests was to supply future timber requirements close to established mills and roads as the original forests were logged. This was a good intention. It attempted sustainability in days when these indicators were not diligently mapped. State Forest timber is the best option for a sustainable supply of high-quality flooring timber that we are able to find. However, we are interested to hear from you if you can find a better supply for us. Within this option, we stock and supply Natural Feature Grade and Rustic Grade timbers because they were a waste product only 20 years ago when we committed to our waste-revalue agenda. Nowadays, NFG flooring is a legitimate and credible timber product and the feedstock has a higher-value precluding its previous use as a pallet or crate timber. We still believe the current practice of grading to Select is wasteful and unsustainable in the present supply context, and would like to see the current grading rules changed to eliminate Select grade. Two grades - low to moderate feature, and moderate to high feature, would be a better value return for sawmillers and dispose of the old, mid-20th century notion that bland or featureless is some sort of paradigm for Appearance grade native hardwoods. Boy, do we have some great KD floors for you!
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Tasmanian Messmate Blackbutt Stringybark / Wormy Chestnut Grey Ironbark Forest Reds Tallowwood Spotted Gum These floors are available in 80mm, 130mm, 180mm widths in Standard Grade and Natural Feature Grade
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